ERP Russia is establishing itself as one of the top destination management companies in Russia and caters for all your travel services and requirements. We provide professional bespoke services for discerning individual travellers and groups. We offer both incoming and outgoing travel services to clients from Russia and elsewhere.

ERP Russia works under highly professional international management with agents in St. Petersburg and Moscow, and affiliates in Finland, the Baltic States and the Ukraine. Our staff and associates are all seasoned and knowledgeable with decades of experience in the service industry and this enables us to highlight the cultural riches and beauty Russia and its different regions for your enjoyment.

Our team members have travelled the world and done that in all possible ways: from first class flights to biking, from top luxury hotels to sleeping bags under the open sky.
There is virtually no experience that we have not tried out ourselves. The hotels that we recommend are hand-picked by us personally. The airlines we recommend have won our trust.
We know that traveling is not only pleasure but also and, mostly, hard work. We will help you make it easier. Our expertise does not end in flights, hotels, visas and guides – we can help you solve your logistical problems for cargo as well.

Our comprehensive services are customised to your requirements, be it assigning the best qualified guides to being able to offer you truly personal VIP packages. These would range from arranging early admission to museums, access to the best ballet and opera houses or visits “behind the scenes”.
We arrange special interest tours according to your requirements, including those for art enthusiasts and classical music aficionados.

We provide Russian visa support and visa free arrangements for cruise passengers. Also we provide support for acquiring other visas. 

In these days of ever changing realities within Russia, it is not enough to just issue tickets and guide people. We have access to unprecedented information to benefit your experience. Our intricate network of connections matured over many years enables us to open doors normally closed to the general public, and to deliver our promises made to you, our client, especially in the event of unexpected changes.

“ERP Russia transforms travelling into a journey.”



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