Capital of Ukraine and one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. The ancient Slavonic city of Kiev is steeped in historical significance. Indeed, for many centuries, Kiev was accepted as the cultural centre of not only Russia, but the whole of Eastern Europe. Since Ukraine’s independence in 1991, the country has regained its identity and is proud to offer tourists to this beautiful city an abundance of theatres, museums and many more surprising delights.

Much of the art and architecture in Kiev are recognized as world treasures. UNESCO World Heritage sites in Kiev include the Saint Sophia Cathedral and the cave monastery Pershersk Lavra. As Tourism is in its infancy in Ukraine, thus many interesting monuments, museums, architecture and historical sites are largely unknown to the rest of the world. Golden domed churches and Soviet Statues share prominence with new modern buildings heralding an era of modern independent Ukraine. There are more than 100 museums, innumerable theatres, ballet, opera and art galleries, a city you will never tire of.

Kiev is the third greenest capital city in Europe. You will find many parks and romantic tree lined boulevards, and it is especially beautiful in spring and autumn. It is built mostly on hills overlooking the river Dnepr, so a good pair of walking shoes would be wise. Since Kiev was one of the host cities of European football championship of 2012 it is better prepared to cater tourist needs than before. Many new hotels have arisen and café & restaurant culture is lively 24 hours a day!